Why is Keyword Not Provided in Google Analytics

Is it important why is keyword not provided in Google analytics?

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Knowing which keywords searchers have used to find your content is vital if you want to know what is working with regards to your SEO. Targeting specific keywords can help you to gain additional traffic to your site and also provide you with targeted traffic that has more chances of conversion. But where once Google provided us with this information the bulk of the information now says that the search has not provided keyword information. The reason for why is keyword not provided in Google analytics Google says is to prevent privacy issues and they have reduced significantly the amount of data that they will share regarding what keywords have been used. The analytics keyword not provided problem, however, can be overcome allowing you to still find where your traffic is coming from.

How to overcome keyword not provided in Google analytics

Check landing pages

One way is to look at where your traffic is actually arriving. While this may not be perfect as it does not actually show exactly what keywords were used, you can usually guess at the most likely keywords if you have targeted your pages correctly. You can access this information from your Google Analytics by clicking Acquisition>Search Engine Optimization>Landing Pages. This page will let you see how many visits each page receives direct from the search engines.

Check Queries

While Google Analytics will no longer provide you with any data that reflects exactly how many visits you received to each page and what pages received them you can still get a lot of very useful information. First however you will need to link your webmaster tools to your Google Analytics. Once you have done this you can then access the information that you require by clicking: Acquisition>Search Engine Optimization>Queries.

analytics keyword not providedLearn how to use a keyword finder the best possible way!

This page to some people actually provides better information than just knowing what keywords you are being found through. It provides you with the following information:

  • Impressions: This is the number of times that Google has actually shown your page for that specific keyword in the search results.

  • Clicks: This is the number of clicks that have been made for that specific keyword when it has been shown by Google.

  • Average Position: This tells you the position that your site has occupied in the search results page. This is very valuable information, improving the position that you page occupies on the search page can make a huge difference in the number of searches that you get coming through to your site.

  • CTR: Click Through Rate, this is the percentage of impressions that actually convert into visitors. This is affected greatly by your position on the page; you are unlikely to get a click if you are on the second page of the search results or at the bottom of the first page. It is also greatly influenced by your actual copy; so if your headline and your description are not that reflective of what people are searching for or they do not encourage the viewer to click then it can reduce your CTR.

Don't know how to read Google Analytics reports or find it extremely difficult? Then try to follow our tips and enjoy the results!

Use third party tools to find your keywords

There are several third party tools that you can use to find out what keywords people have used to find your content. However many of these software packages such as SEMrush do charge a fee so they are really for those that are into serious organic SEO marketing and PPC. But a keyword analyzer like SEMrush can provide you not only with data on your own keywords it can also provide you with a huge amount of info about your competitors and also keywords that you could target.

So if you are wondering why is keyword not provided in Google analytics such a problem you now know and also have a few alternatives to help you with your keyword search results!


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