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7 Google PPC Advertising Mistakes That You Might Not Consider

Drawing potential customers to your website can be done in several ways. But one of the fastest ways to do it is through the google PPC advertising. Tools like adwords ppc management and Yahoo Searh marketing, business can drive more traffic through their website by displaying sponsored ads on the search results pages. When someone clicks the advertisement, they would pay a certain fee. However, you must be careful using the Google PPC management. If not, you’ll be ending spending money without getting the desired traffic in return.

If you want to jumpstart on the SEO PPC, make sure to not to do these 7 Google PPC advertising mistakes on your campaign.

1.​ Linking to your home page

When creating Google PPC advertising, make sure to link the ads to your targeted landing page instead of sending them to your home page. Always feed each visitor of the information you initially offered than directing them to your website and let them discover where to find the offer.

2.​ Requiring Visitors to …

How to Take Advantage of Google Word Trends

Thinking about the next topic to write on your blog can be a bit frustrating. Aside from expressing one self, feeding your audiences with great and valuable contents is necessary. Chances are, you would write about topics that may only interest some but not the world.

Google has provided tools for online businesses to practically scrape valuable number traffics through identifying search trends and queries. One of these tools is the free Google Word Trends.
Why Use Google Word Trends?

Paying attention to Goggle search trend provides helpful insights for you to use in variety of ways. Sale’s fluctuation normally happens to businesses in certain months of the year. For an instance, your business may get a boost on the months of April to June but after that it descends for another 2 months. Knowing the trend will help you create a quick change on your strategy and focus. Through keyword trends, you will be able to adapt and help your business going. For finding some new ideas you can use Go…

How Google Related Searches Can Improve Your Content

Intensive keyword research is vital for most businesses as it provides keywords and terms that would help boost website traffic through using it in their content. However, some businesses, especially those startup and some who have no ample time to do keyword research, may get behind the competition. If you are one of those businesses who find keyword research daunting, Google related searches tool might be the aid.
What Is Google Related Searches?
You think that you don't know how to search for keywords, but you exactly know this method. If you use Google a lot, you have probably encountered it a million times. Google related searches tool or auto suggest tool helps you find related keywords based from the terms you have typed in. Type a term on the search box and you’ll find helpful keyword suggestions.
How to Use Google Related Searches?

Type a term. For instance, I will write waterproof speakers, I will get suggestions from Google like waterproof speaker Bluetooth, waterproof spea…

How to Use the Bing Keyword Research Tool

Searching for the right keyword to include in your content helps a lot in improving website ranking. However, finding the perfect keyword for a certain niche seems to be tedious. Good thing that keyword research tools were invented to aid the search process. One of those is the Bing Keyword Research tool. And it easy to use when keyword not provided.
What is Bing Keyword Research Tool?
Bing is another search engine similar to Google. Though most web surfers use Google as their default search engine, online businesses still consider Bing as a good platform to enhance and boost website ranking. There are still plenty of people using Bing.

Bing SEO guidelines are almost the same with Google but you should not neglect how powerful the engine works. Bing analytics, on the other hand, is different form Google, so some keywords ranks well in Bing yet mediocre in Google.
How to Use the Bing Keyword Research Tool?
Keyword tools allow you to discover useful terms and keywords that most people typed …