How to Take Advantage of Google Word Trends

Thinking about the next topic to write on your blog can be a bit frustrating. Aside from expressing one self, feeding your audiences with great and valuable contents is necessary. Chances are, you would write about topics that may only interest some but not the world.

Google has provided tools for online businesses to practically scrape valuable number traffics through identifying search trends and queries. One of these tools is the free Google Word Trends.

Why Use Google Word Trends?

google word trends

Paying attention to Goggle search trend provides helpful insights for you to use in variety of ways. Sale’s fluctuation normally happens to businesses in certain months of the year. For an instance, your business may get a boost on the months of April to June but after that it descends for another 2 months. Knowing the trend will help you create a quick change on your strategy and focus. Through keyword trends, you will be able to adapt and help your business going. For finding some new ideas you can use Google related searches.

You can create content for a specific query that will be trending for the next few months. The same way, through Google search trend, you prepared when a certain query drops. This provides ample time for you to get ready and be strategic.

What Are the Advantages of Keyword Trends?

You may now be planning about your next blog post for the month of April. What would that be? Google search trends would help you find the hottest topic ideas perfect for the next month. Identifying these topics help drive more traffic to your site than you ever expected.

google search trend

For instance, you want to draft content about April Fool’s Day however, Google trends offer other topic of interest for the month. You might also want to discuss about Google’s April Fools prank and NCAA basketball, too. Using search engine trends is a solid SEO strategy as you already know the keywords that get the most searches, Google trends can be used with any keyword search tool additionally.  You can generate blog post from here which you can drive traffic to your site.

How to Use Keyword Search in Google Trends?

If your business is focused on certain keywords, Google trends still help. Type in the terms at the search bar and it will provide you search volume index for the past years. Narrow the search trends by navigating the country and year depending on your preference.

You can also get specific query results by choosing from the top navigations your preferred options. Choose you country, year, and category as seen below.

keyword trendsWhat Might Be Google Search Trend's Loophole?

Google trends provide the hottest news for the month which drives initial website traffic. However, it may eventually cease to become popular after several weeks or months. Users won’t be searching about that all year- round. It doesn’t matter; you can still create monthly posts and generic contents that will drive traffic for a lifetime.

Take advantage of Google Word trends as it offers your website the opportunity to gain more visitors as well as ranked higher in the search engine result. Use it wisely!


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