Why Do People Click on Advertising in Google

Bloggers and webmasters earn from Google advertising. Each click on the Google ad campaign has value making it as an effective platform to make money. Huge clicks on certain advertisement means huge income. I know some webmasters who earned 4-digits dollars in a month through this. The question is why do people click on Advertising in Google? Let us discover.

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Do People Click on a Google Search Advertising?
Some webmasters avoid advertising in Google because of the belief that only a handful of internet user’s click on it. But think of how Google can earn $100 million a day? Though they have other great services online, Google ad campaign contributes to the company’s total earning, and almost a large part of it comes from advertising.

That implies that online companies, marketers, and e-commerce earned enough from the advertisement, which keeps them in subs…

How to Pick a Semantic "Core" for Your Website

Google search query has changed over the years. If you are an online marketer and a serious SEO professional, getting aligned with the current change and improvement is vital. The basic keyword research becomes a more complex task creating the birth for semantic search engine. For researching keywords you can try to use Bing keyword research tool, and don't forget about numerous Google tools.

Semantic core may appear complicated to fresh users but it is actually not. Here let us explore semantic search technology and how it helps to create smarter and searchable content.

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What Is Semantic Core?
Let us begin with defining semantics. Semantic from the dictionary described semantics as a meaning or interpretation of a word, sign or sentence. From marketers perspective, semantic is how you interpret a particular term.

When user searches for a term, they have a …

The Importance of Using Google Webmaster Tools for SEO

One of the best tools to use in your marketing strategy is the Google webmaster keyword tools. Most content and marketing departments consider this as a goldmine to generate information necessary to improve SEO campaign.
The Differences between Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tool for SEO
Google webmaster tools for seo works similarly with Google analytics, however, offer more beneficial features limited in Google Analytics. Marketers usually visit the Google tool for SEO almost everyday to check the website progress. Google Analytics provide statistics about your website visitors and landing pages but Google webmaster tools SEO shows problems with your website links, code, and crawl. Moreover, offers you great data to help you craft strategic marketing campaigns that attracts more audiences.

You should verify yourself as a site owner to get started with the Google tools for SEO. Once verified, you will get access to tons of benefits from it. Additionally, try to use site search tr…

Site Search Tracking: See What Users Search For on Your Site

Google has encrypted the search data of your website which gives birth to the “not provided” term. You can see this on your Google Analytics account if you are using one. Statistics for this term actually rise for the past years, which become a question for marketers and online businesses. So what really is it?

It's one more feature of advertising in Google. Not provided term is actually an organic traffic in your site. Google chose to make it private to protect the identity of online users, though some says that it’s their way to drive more users to AdWords. Either way, marketers would still pursue to search for the keywords behind this so-popular, “not provided” term. In order to unveil the hidden keywords, you can use the site search tracking tool.
What Is Site Search Tracking?
Site search tracking is one of the Search engine optimization basics that enable you to see and track your visitor’s activity in your site. Using this helps you track the following activities:

The search cat…

13 Unusual SEO Tips in Your SMM Strategy

Growing your online presence through gaining traffic has been made possible with different SEO SMM strategies. Social media has proven to increase website traffic when used right. Here are 13 ways to use social media for marketing your brand.

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Create valuable content to share your audiences. It must engage and ignite your market to get a buzz. If you did it right, your customers will spread the word for you.
Use visual designs such as infographics and video clips to leverage your exposure. It’s proven that posts with visuals are more shareable than those with none.
Link your social media account to your website. This way, customers can easily be redirected to your official website. Google also considered links on social media as higher- quality links.
Pages with real and high quality followers rank higher in social media. Google recognizes websites with large fan ba…

7 Google PPC Advertising Mistakes That You Might Not Consider

Drawing potential customers to your website can be done in several ways. But one of the fastest ways to do it is through the google PPC advertising. Tools like adwords ppc management and Yahoo Searh marketing, business can drive more traffic through their website by displaying sponsored ads on the search results pages. When someone clicks the advertisement, they would pay a certain fee. However, you must be careful using the Google PPC management. If not, you’ll be ending spending money without getting the desired traffic in return.

If you want to jumpstart on the SEO PPC, make sure to not to do these 7 Google PPC advertising mistakes on your campaign.

1.​ Linking to your home page

When creating Google PPC advertising, make sure to link the ads to your targeted landing page instead of sending them to your home page. Always feed each visitor of the information you initially offered than directing them to your website and let them discover where to find the offer.

2.​ Requiring Visitors to …

How to Take Advantage of Google Word Trends

Thinking about the next topic to write on your blog can be a bit frustrating. Aside from expressing one self, feeding your audiences with great and valuable contents is necessary. Chances are, you would write about topics that may only interest some but not the world.

Google has provided tools for online businesses to practically scrape valuable number traffics through identifying search trends and queries. One of these tools is the free Google Word Trends.
Why Use Google Word Trends?

Paying attention to Goggle search trend provides helpful insights for you to use in variety of ways. Sale’s fluctuation normally happens to businesses in certain months of the year. For an instance, your business may get a boost on the months of April to June but after that it descends for another 2 months. Knowing the trend will help you create a quick change on your strategy and focus. Through keyword trends, you will be able to adapt and help your business going. For finding some new ideas you can use Go…