13 Unusual SEO Tips in Your SMM Strategy

Growing your online presence through gaining traffic has been made possible with different SEO SMM strategies. Social media has proven to increase website traffic when used right. Here are 13 ways to use social media for marketing your brand.

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  1. Create valuable content to share your audiences. It must engage and ignite your market to get a buzz. If you did it right, your customers will spread the word for you.

  2. Use visual designs such as infographics and video clips to leverage your exposure. It’s proven that posts with visuals are more shareable than those with none.

  3. Link your social media account to your website. This way, customers can easily be redirected to your official website. Google also considered links on social media as higher- quality links.

  4. Pages with real and high quality followers rank higher in social media. Google recognizes websites with large fan base where followers engage in the posts.

  5. Use target keywords in your post. For Pinterest, for example, using keywords in the board and post title helps your rank in search engine.

  6. Include your business in Google + local listings. It must include your address and other important information which you customer can review later on. Google shows businesses with the highest reviews in the search results. It's one more way of advertising in Google.

  7. Use hashtags to build and foster community for your brand. Design unique hashtags designated for your product and services where your brand advocates and fans can use to interact and discuss about it.

  8. Use Twitter to get topic ideas for your next content. Through utilizing Twitter’s content lab, you can check on contents with higher engagements. Gauge your audience interests through Twitter and create an article for that certain topic.

  9. Use LinkedIn Publisher in your SMM strategy. It increases exposure as well as build your credibility online. Once you publish your post, your followers and connections receive a notification about your new content.

  10. Use social ads to target your customers. This helps attract new visitors that would like, follow, or re-share your content.

  11. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are also great areas to create promotions. More people will get to see your advertisement. The higher the possibility that more people will engage with it, like sharing or retweeting the content, and Google would possibly notice you.

  12. 1Interact with your audiences. Do not just post and share information. Talk to them. The more you engage with your audiences, the longer they will stay your site. That lessens the bounce rate which Google hates in a website.

  13. Always update your social media accounts with fresh contents. You can also retweet and re-share contents with the most engagement. You can use here SEO keyword strategy.

Listed above are only 13 of the millions ways to efficiently use social media for marketing. These SMM strategies are proven helpful for most online marketers and businesses. Considering these strategies on your SEO and social media marketing would help leverage you business in the long haul.

Begin applying these tips now and choose the best SMM strategy for your business!


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