7 Google PPC Advertising Mistakes That You Might Not Consider

Drawing potential customers to your website can be done in several ways. But one of the fastest ways to do it is through the google PPC advertising. Tools like adwords ppc management and Yahoo Searh marketing, business can drive more traffic through their website by displaying sponsored ads on the search results pages. When someone clicks the advertisement, they would pay a certain fee. However, you must be careful using the Google PPC management. If not, you’ll be ending spending money without getting the desired traffic in return.

If you want to jumpstart on the SEO PPC, make sure to not to do these 7 Google PPC advertising mistakes on your campaign.

1.​ Linking to your home page

google PPC advertising

When creating Google PPC advertising, make sure to link the ads to your targeted landing page instead of sending them to your home page. Always feed each visitor of the information you initially offered than directing them to your website and let them discover where to find the offer.

2.​ Requiring Visitors to Fill Out Contact Form

adwords ppc management

Do not send your visitors direct to your contact page as it hurt the chances of making sale. Visitors would possibly get frustrated with it than seeing the reason why they clicked your SEO PPC. Moreover, asking your visitors to fill out your contact form in exchange of freebies is against the PCC platform guidelines.

3.​ Not Testing the Adwords PPC management

seo ppc

Before you finally decide what keywords to use for your advertisement, consider running a PPC ad split- test to get the most effective results. You can create multiple versions of your advertisement for your PPC ad groups. Doing this helps you identify clickable leads and on-site conversions. For keywords search try to use Google Word Trends additionally.

4.​ Relying on Broad Match keyword ads

google ppc management

To ensure relevance on your PPC campaign, your advertisement should show up once searched for. This way, your website will get traffic from relevant businesses as well. Note that if you set it up this way, you may decrease your website’s traffic but get the most relevant visitors you need.

5.​  Neglecting Negative Keywords

google PPC advertising

Including negative keywords on your PPC ad group would help you drive more traffic. For instance, your main keyword is shower speaker and you choose waterproof speaker as the negative keyword. Through doing this, the main keyword won’t appear when the waterproof speaker will be searched.

6.​ Grouping Keywords Incorrectly

adwords ppc management

If your business caters several products or services, grouping PPC keywords based on each of the products is necessary for best search result. By grouping correctly the keywords, you will provide specific results than general one. If you incorrectly group the keywords, visitors may get frustrated not landing on the page they have expected. Find out what is long tail keyword.

7.​ Not Advertising Your Brand

seo ppc

Advertising your own brand, even it already appears on top of the search result, helps in maintaining your brand position. Bidding on your own brand avoids the possibility of other companies to use your keywords in their ad group that will drive traffic to their site rather than yours.

Beware these Google PPC advertising mistakes  and assess your strategy now!


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