Why Do People Click on Advertising in Google

Bloggers and webmasters earn from Google advertising. Each click on the Google ad campaign has value making it as an effective platform to make money. Huge clicks on certain advertisement means huge income. I know some webmasters who earned 4-digits dollars in a month through this. The question is why do people click on Advertising in Google? Let us discover.

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Do People Click on a Google Search Advertising?

Some webmasters avoid advertising in Google because of the belief that only a handful of internet user’s click on it. But think of how Google can earn $100 million a day? Though they have other great services online, Google ad campaign contributes to the company’s total earning, and almost a large part of it comes from advertising.

That implies that online companies, marketers, and e-commerce earned enough from the advertisement, which keeps them in subscribing to Google search advertising. That being said, most people click on an advertisement. Google PPC advertising is a good practice for any business.

Why People Click on Google Ad Campaign?

Several researches were made to prove the clickable rate of Google advertisements. The result have shown that a big portion of online users still click on advertisements. What are the reasons for the click?

People don’t know that they are clicking on an advertisement. Though sometimes advertisement looks irrelevant from the user’s intention, they still hit the advertisement. Some Google advertisements are well- displayed in a page making it look like a part of the content. Advertisements appearing on this manner are most clickable than those obviously posted as ads. Although the percentage of these people is small, webmasters still earns from it.

People are attracted to click the Google Ad Campaign. Data shows that people clicked on an ad because they are attracted to it. Was the advertisement enticing? Was the call-to-action effective? Does it offer freebies and coupon codes? Maybe. Those could be valid reasons. Graphic designers are great in designing tempting banners and ads that converts.

People find the advertisement relevant. The advertisement might have offered solution to the user’s problem. It probably provided answers to questions. It is something the user needs. These are only few reasons why people make a click. Most people click on advertisements because they see it relevant. For instance, travelers might be looking for hostel. As they search, Google crawl identifies their need. Eventually, advertisements would pop out offering some suggestions for hostels. With that, these travelers would possibly click on the Google ads as the offer is relevant to them.

People realized the need for a product they haven’t considered. Google advertisement could sparkles interest in products and services a person has not considered before. And because of it, she has realized the need for it.

More people still hit Google advertisements. Though click rates may be seldom at times, that doesn’t mean that Google ads are ineffective. If you are running an advertisement, assess if your ads has value to consumers. Is it relevant?

You can use these reasons and check your results in Google Analytics for marketing strategy changing.

So, start your advertising in Google now for the best outcome!


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