The Importance of Using Google Webmaster Tools for SEO

One of the best tools to use in your marketing strategy is the Google webmaster keyword tools. Most content and marketing departments consider this as a goldmine to generate information necessary to improve SEO campaign.

The Differences between Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tool for SEO

Google webmaster tools for seo works similarly with Google analytics, however, offer more beneficial features limited in Google Analytics. Marketers usually visit the Google tool for SEO almost everyday to check the website progress. Google Analytics provide statistics about your website visitors and landing pages but Google webmaster tools SEO shows problems with your website links, code, and crawl. Moreover, offers you great data to help you craft strategic marketing campaigns that attracts more audiences.

You should verify yourself as a site owner to get started with the Google tools for SEO. Once verified, you will get access to tons of benefits from it. Additionally, try to use site search tracking.

Importance of Google Webmaster Tool for SEO

You can get several benefits of using the tool; here are a few for your information.

  1. Authorship Statistics

google webmaster tools for seo

Google Webmaster tools allow you to view the number of article contents you have written using your Google account. It shows click- through rates, impressions, and your average ranking in Google. Data provided by this feature is crucial if you want to become a recognized author and improve your personal brand presence.

  1. Search Queries

google webmaster tools seo

This feature shows the average and current keyword rankings, click-through rate (CTR) and organic search impression for each of your keywords. If you toggle in the “With Change”, you will see your SEO campaign trends. This helps you analyze which specific keywords provide opportunity for growth.

  1. Traffic Patterns

google webmaster keyword tool

The Google Webmaster Tools provide valuable data on your website’s ranking position, including blog posts that receive good traffic. You are also provided with the following helpful statistics:

  • Best and worst contents

  • Click-through rate (CTR) for each page content

  • Content with lower average ranking despite receiving great CTR

  1. Keyword Insights

google tools for seo

Optimizing your website using specific keywords is made possible with the Google Webmaster Tools SEO. The tools enable you to identify keywords that help certain website to rank well. Having the keyword insights helps you understand which pages are seen relevant by Google. You can initially focus on optimizing these pages than any other. Also find out new ways on how to find keywords for SEO, to improve your advertising.

This feature would also provide keyword analysis from each ranking page. Use these keywords in your next link building campaign and in writing your new contents.

  1. Site Speed Metrics

google webmaster tools for seo

Website speed is vital in optimizing your website. Google webmaster keyword tools enable you to speed test your website through tracking the GoogleBoy download time. Your website is doing great if it loads below 500 milliseconds. However, more than that means you’re already losing customers.

The following Google Webmaster Tools help maximize your SEO strategy to boost website traffic and convert them to leads. If you are not using Google Webmaster, you should sign up now.

Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools for SEO to identify these missing details in order for you to effectively strategize your SEO campaign!


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